1. Christians make preferences and feelings more important than biblical principles and what is right.
2. Unable to celebrate spiritual transformation in others.
3. Willing to withhold their tithes and offerings when they disagree with leadership.
4. Willing to disrupt a worship service to make a point about their unhappiness.
5. Quick to share negative information with those outside of the church despite how what they share may affect that person’s spiritual condition.
6. Confuse their role as members of the Body with being the head of the Body.
7. Believe that sitting on a committee is the same as truly ministering to others.
8. Quick to vilify and slow to verify.
9. Pride themselves as the insiders without a genuine expression of concern for outsiders.
10. Justify their actions without genuinely asking the question: “Could I be wrong?”
© 2016, Phillip L. Dunn