Open Our Eyes • Break Our Hearts • Move Our Feet

One of the great privileges we have as a church is to GO with the message of Jesus Christ. I’m so thankful to be part of a church that is committed to going both across the street and across the world with the life-changing message of the Gospel to those in need of what only Jesus can provide. In 2021, our strategic Millbrook Mission plan is comprehensive in reach. First, the plan supports strategic mission partnerships where we as a church have clearly felt the call of The Lord to get involved in a greater capacity. These partnerships are both local and global in scope. Second, the plan includes supporting Millbrook families that are currently serving on the mission field. What a joy it is to support those that have been called out from right here in our own church family! Finally, the plan includes support for local outreach and mission partnerships that serve our community and spread the Gospel. Psalm 67, sometimes referred to as “The Mission Psalm” reminds us that God blesses us in order to be a blessing. The implication is clear – God pours out His blessings on churches that are most prepared to be a blessing to others by spreading the Gospel far and wide. Thank you again for your support of Millbrook on Missions. I look forward to see how God is going to continue to use Millbrook in the days ahead to be a lighthouse in Aiken and around the world!
– Pastor Stephen