Join us as we start the 2022-2023 School Year covering our schools in prayer! We will gather in the Worship Center for prayer and brief instructions followed by a send out to various schools.  A Prayer Guide will be provided as well as a list of suggested schools to pray over. However, individuals and families are encouraged to take the prayer guide to any school of their choosing. The goal is to pray for and over our schools as students, educators, and school personnel begin a new school year.

with the Body of Christ

– Pray that we would gather with an expectation to encounter the Living God
– Pray that God would move among us through the power of the Holy Spirit as we gather to worship
– Pray that God’s Word would be preached with power and that His people would respond in obedience
– Pray for salvations, for spiritual growth, and for baptisms during our worship
– Pray for our worship team as they prepare to lead, and as they lead us to encounter The Lord
– Pray that our church family would continue to be able to gather, and that God would protect our church and membership

to the Work of Christ

– Pray that we as a church would bring our very best to The Lord in 2023
– Pray that our giving would reflect a heart that has been radically transformed by His grace and love, and that we would give our first and best to The Lord in the area of our finances
– Pray that we would all use our spiritual gifts for the benefit of one another and the glory of God
– Thank the Lord that the debt on our current facility is completely retired, and ask the Lord to give us His wisdom as to how to use His money in the future for His glory

into the Image of Christ

– Pray for spiritual growth for our church membership in 2023
– Pray for our Connect Group ministry – for our teachers and leaders, and that as we get bigger we continue to get smaller through the Connect Group ministry
– Pray that everyone in our church find their family within the family through getting involved in a Connect Group
– Pray for our Wednesday night opportunities for spiritual growth – Kids, Students, Singles, Adults, Women, & Men’s Bible Study
– Pray for our church as we seek His will regarding leadership of the overall discipleship ministry

with the Message of Christ

– Pray for the 35,000 men, women, and children that are disconnected from life in Christ within a 5-mile radius of our church
– Pray that God would open our eyes, that He would break our hearts, and that He would move our feet toward these individuals and families that are close to us but far from God
– Pray that each member of our church would be on mission in the field where God has placed and planted them to both show and share The Good News
– Pray for our missionaries that serve around the globe for God to protect them, to empower them, and allow them to see great spiritual fruit in 2023
– Pray for our Operation Christmas Child ministry this year that we as a church would do what we are able to share the Gospel all over the world through this ministry