Within a 5 mile radius of Millbrook, there are 35,000 people disconnected from Life in Christ.
They are close to us but FAR FROM GOD.

One of the great privileges we have as a church is to GO with the message of Jesus Christ. I’m so thankful to be part of a church that is committed to going both across the street and across the world with the life-changing message of the Gospel to those in need of what only Jesus can provide. In 2021, our strategic Millbrook Mission plan is comprehensive in reach. First, the plan supports strategic mission partnerships where we as a church have clearly felt the call of The Lord to get involved in a greater capacity. These partnerships are both local and global in scope. Second, the plan includes supporting Millbrook families that are currently serving on the mission field. What a joy it is to support those that have been called out from right here in our own church family! Finally, the plan includes support for local outreach and mission partnerships that serve our community and spread the Gospel. Psalm 67, sometimes referred to as “The Mission Psalm” reminds us that God blesses us in order to be a blessing. The implication is clear – God pours out His blessings on churches that are most prepared to be a blessing to others by spreading the Gospel far and wide. Thank you again for your support of Millbrook on Missions. I look forward to see how God is going to continue to use Millbrook in the days ahead to be a lighthouse in Aiken and around the world!
– Pastor Stephen



BLESS EVERY HOME is our online prayer resource to facilitate praying for our neighbors. Once you have created your account, Bless Every Home will send you a daily email with 5 neighbors to pray for each day along with a suggested prayer. Once you’ve prayed for your neighbors, select the Click When Done button within the email and Bless Every Home will track that you have prayed for your 5 neighbors of the day. What a simple way to cover our neighborhoods with prayer as we reach our 35,000 who are disconnected from Life in Christ!

CREATE AN ACCOUNT – Click on the button below to Create An Account. Enter your name, email, create a password, and home address. Go to your email inbox and find the email from Bless Every Home. Depending on your email provider, you may need to check your junk, clutter, or spam folder. Click CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS. You have created your account and the Bless Every Home Dashboard for your account will appear. Under Settings (far right corner) you can set your preferences for your Bless Every Home account.

DOWNLOAD MOBILE APP – Once you have created a Bless Every Home Account, download your respective app. LOGIN on the app using your created username and password.

WHAT CAN I DO ON THE APP? – You can automatically have your daily prayer reminders pushed to your phone as a notification. This allows you to quickly view and pray for your neighbors without having to open your email. You can set the exact time of the day to receive your prayer reminder message. Using the app, you won’t need to sign in repeatedly. Once signed in to the app, you will always be able to access your prayer list without having to enter your email and password.


NEW MOVERS MINISTRY is facilitated through Bless Every Home to identify individuals and families new to the area with the possibility of making a connection to Millbrook. For those who feel led to be a part of this ministry, Bless Every Home will send a notification of a new neighbor who has moved in to the area. Once you have received the notification of your new neighbor, contact Paul and Rachel Cox via text or email: 740-466-7285 or to arrange getting a bouquet of flowers with Millbrook info for you to deliver to your new neighbor, make a connection, and invite to Millbrook!  

JOIN OUR NEW MOVERS MINISTRY – Login to your Bless Every Home Account. Click Settings (far right corner). Under Email Settings, check yes under Welcome New Movers. Click the yellow button on the left: Save Changes.

RECOVERY ROAD MINISTRIES is dedicated to improving the physical, spiritual, and psychological health of individuals recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Providing life-changing outreach and Christian-based recovery, our organization is Aiken County’s only non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. The in-house program provides a 10-month curriculum, professional counseling, public education, job training, and various other opportunities and resources to promote healthy recovery for each resident. The goal is to ensure that every one of our clients is equipped to become a fully functioning, successful member of society.

ACTS – AREA CHURCHES TOGETHER SERVING – works to partner with churches, organizations, and individuals to provide assistance to our neighbors in need, in the name of Jesus Christ. Many people in our area are within one paycheck or less of financial trouble. Many need food, clothing, warmth, prescription medicine, home furnishings, or additional assistance. Reaching out in Christ’s name to those among us who need a helping hand is our mission.

LIFE CHOICES PREGNANCY CARE CENTER is a safe place for women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy. If you are concerned that you may be pregnant, we can help you. We offer free and confidential pregnancy testing and confirmation! At Life Choices, our staff continuously provide a professional and safe environment for those who walk through our doors. You will find a group of caring individuals who are committed to walk with you every step of the way.

CHRIST CENTRAL has locations in both Aiken and Graniteville to meet the needs of the poor and disadvantaged in our community by first providing basic needs, such as food, clothing, and prayer. The ministry then assists individuals in improving their lives and the lives of their families by providing teaching and training in areas needed to secure and retain employment, stabilize their family and develop Christian character. Their mission is to enrich Aiken and Graniteville by uniting volunteers to help people in need through food, clothing, prayer, education and job skills training. Their vision is to see Aiken and Graniteville become cities where an increasing number of young people graduate from high school, adults are able to find employment, poverty is clearly on the decrease, and both the natural and spiritual needs of its citizens are being met.