MILLBROOK MINISTRY TO MEN seeks to promote and facilitate men discipling and mentoring other men in our relationships with God, our families, and the church. Various opportunities are held throughout the year to help us grow with each other both spiritually and relationally.

Jeff Boswell
Ken Roberts
John McMichael


  • Because the churches of our country have failed to prioritize ministry to their men and don’t teach Biblical manhood and Biblical fatherhood
  • Traditional marriage is in jeopardy – not from same sex marriage but
    • from the 44% of millennial males who see no value in traditional marriage – co-habitation is the preferred relationship
    • from the fact that women see young men as being undependable
  • Kids without dads – 40% of kids in our country are growing up without a dependable male presence (dad) in their lives
    • 74% children today are born into a single parent household
    • 64% of millennial women give birth outside of marriage
    • 71% these will drop out of school
    • 75% will have drug or alcohol abuse problems
    • 85% will have behavioral issues as teenagers
    • 90% of all prison inmates had no dad at home
  • Pornography
    • USA is the largest producer and consumer of pornographic material
    • 35% of all internet traffic is porn
    • By the age of 8 most youth have viewed pornographic material in some form
    • $16.9B lost productivity annually
  • Society views men as the troubled gender – “toxic masculinity”


Ministry to Men

One man caring enough about another man to help him build a relationship with his God, help him with his family, and help him with his church while building a world view that is Biblical and brings glory to Almighty God.


Men’s Ministry Bible Study (6:00PM – 7:15 PM • EC 206)


The Christian Man: A ten-topic book addressing the major concerns of modern men with biblical and Jesus-centered approaches to tackle each. Topics include: Living for God/Jesus, marriage God’s way, fatherhood, friendships, work, and the cultures around us.

Men’s Gathering at the Mill

January 11 • February 8 • March 14 • April 18 • May 9 • June 13
7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

For more information contact Dave Deal:

We will meet in the Mill for breakfast and followed by a speaker. Additionally, there will be a time of reflection and sharing experiences with one another.  

Please email Dave Deal if you plan to come so that we can have an estimated count for serving breakfast: